The company

Thriving Planet is a trading name and shorthand for Thriving Planet Community Interest Company (or CIC), a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Thriving Planet CIC is owned and managed by Martin Grimshaw to facilitate the provision of services through a family of businesses and projects in support of personal, organisational and planetary wellbeing. A particular emphasis is made on helping people work together more enjoyably and effectively, business and community sustainability, and business or project support for Social Enterprise and similar.

If you want to make the world a better place, we’ll help you do that.

The team

Martin Grimshaw is a facilitator, trainer and organisational consultant. He has also regularly been a writer and speaker, and has a background in creating and hosting events, especially focused on sustainability and making the workplace a better place. Probably several thousand people have attended events and workshops that Martin has co-created, led, hosted or had a major part in.

He has also played a significant part in related community-led projects, helping to build and maintain movements, wasn’t far off when running for local election a while back, enjoys leadership and co-ordination roles. He holds a PG Dip in Environmental Management and Assessment, with a particular interest in participatory and collective sustainability action and innovation in businesses and continuous improvement (Kaizen).

Meanwhile he loves getting up and down mountains whenever he can, and is the lifetime guardian of a Himalayan temple.

Other trusted associates come on board when the job calls for it.