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Waffling and Pontificating - about the blog

A collection of writing on personal, organisational and planetary wellbeing by Martin Grimshaw and guests.

Thanks for reading this. The name Green Boy About Town is a title that I gave myself years ago, in answer to the question 'What do you do?' At the time I was doing my post graduate study in greening up organisations, while being an activist. I was running around creating and hosting popular events around broad green themes (broad enough to encompass the future of education, affordable housing, electoral reform...) and engaged in a community-led sustainability project and local green politics.

Lego Robin HoodI was doing bits of work on the side, but generally not getting paid enough while strutting about embodying a GBAT and turning up at events or being interviewed or asked about things. I became one of those that people turn to when they want the local green 'expert', and was a fairly regular interviewee, guest speaker and commentator. I guess I liked the sound of my self appointed title. and while my life and career has moved on, friends and acquaintances still seem to think of me when they think of anything sort of green, or vaguely worthy, or shuffle awkwardly when I'm in the room and they're talking about doing something they imagine I think they shouldn't.

For me, I define Green as most things we really care about, and anything that helps us manifest a happier healthier society and life for ourselves and for our kids and grandkids. Basically anything to do with better thinking, better living, better working. New ways of doing things and sometime old ways of doing things. You know, the sorts of things we might want to bequeath to our kids, rather then a scorched and starving earth with the last remnants of life scrapping it out in apocalyptic doom.

So I'll be using this place to hold my various waffling and pontificating about wombling, about better ways of working, about working and living for a better purpose, about rethinking our communities, rethinking our businesses and careers, rethinking money and the economy, and tools for a smarter planet. Things that might be useful, and sometimes things it would be wise to avoid and do less of. If you enjoy any of it, let me know, or better still let others know and click subscribe.


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@ThrivingPlanet is Martin’s main account where he also promotes the work of associates and other good folk doing good things, and sometimes bangs about politics and agitating for a world that works better for everyone.

He also co-hosts @CaterflyOST with business partner and long time associate Francois Knuchel, focusing more on collaborative transformation for smarter workplaces, introducing systems for working better together, and generally re-imaging the workplace as an enjoyable, purposeful, efficient and productive force for good. Please follow and hey, why not subscribe to Caterfly's Smarter Working blog while you're there?

Martin is also one of several occasional contributors to @SociocracyUK