Accelerating the New Economy

Livelihoods2020 is a brand name owned by Martin Grimshaw and a trading name of Thriving Planet CIC.

Status: currently sleeping

Livelihoods2020 was the evolution of a group attached to Transition Brighton and Hove, focused on Business, Economics and Livelihoods in relation to the transition to a sustainable society, and founded by and led by Martin Grimshaw in 2008. The name was co-created by group members and later, upon the collapse of Transition Brighton and Hove, became a trading name of Martin Grimshaw – by consent of group members – for use toward similar purposes: To support the growth of the Transition Economy, and local jobs that support the transition to a sustainable society.

At its height, a thriving group was hosting lively discussions on topics that citizens rarely had space to consider, and hosting events and training. Later, it was used by Martin in support of efforts to create film and projects that support livelihoods and economic resilience with a Transition theme.

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