Solution Economy

Daddy What Did You Do Great Warming? (Climate Change)

The Solution Economy is a term that I think I invented* quite a few years back. There’s an old intention to write and get more active around the subject. The domain I purchased a long time ago is currently dormant, as my activities and projects have moved on and I’ve had to prioritise my time elsewhere.

If you’re a subscriber to my Green Boy About Town or Art Of Work blogs, then you’ll probably hear about it at some point. If you’d like to talk to me further about this, then please get in touch.

  • I probably didn’t. It was probably something that seeped into my conscious from elsewhere; I’ve talked around the subject a bit and been active in Social Enterprise, Co-operative and Transition Economy circles, but I was also in good company and many others have talked around similar themes, and now have written explicitly using the term.


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