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If you’re working to make the world a better place but your technology is slowing down you or your team, I can help.

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While my speciality is about people, especially group collaboration and business development for Social Enterprise, websites, collaboration software and social media are aspects of business that most people have to grapple with.

Need help in building a website? Trying to get the team on board with your CRM or project management platforms? What the hell is this Twitter thing we’re supposed to be using? Interested in Linux and Open Source? Why doesn’t it work!? Work in software or building websites but those darn clients don’t speak our language!?

Infinite patience and empathy for the techno-averse

Screenshot Home page Centre For Integral Finance and Economics
Home page: Centre For Integral Finance and Economics

Although not really an ubergeek, I understand much of what they say, and especially understands the needs, likely struggles and capacity of remote teams, freelancers and small business start ups. More than anything I understand people, thus making me an excellent IT facilitator, trainer, consultant and coach, with one foot in both camps of nerds and normal people. I’m your buffer.

Martin is a master, it’s like watching Roger Federer on Centre Court. It brought tears to my eyes, I’ve never seen anybody conduct IT systems training with such kindness and patience. It was very impressive, I saw a complete turnaround in one of his trainees who was like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a techno-freakout. He was playful, fun and unthreatening: exactly what was needed.

Andrew Webb, Software Architect

A committed Linux / open source user, over the years I have used and explored a fair amount of online collaboration, project management and networking tools, and learnt a lot about when teams thrive and when they struggle, and the difference between intuitive tools and clunky overcomplicated tools gathering dust.

This client started from nearly zero, and now has a shiny website that she’s able to manage herself, and she’s even reluctantly tweeting:

Martin didn’t only build a great website for me but he drew out my thoughts, intentions and personality to arrive at a website that I felt proud of and connected to.  His patience and ability went far beyond what I had expected, he tutored me as the site was developed and post site development for updates so I have gained the confidence to now manage my own website.  Aside from building a very personalised site for me I found his holistic thinking a huge aid to me in how he reflected back users experience of my website.  It meant the final product was better, the text, images, general message.  Thank you Martin.

Laura Ducceschi, creative, curator, producer

I’d love to help your team sharpen their game, raise their online profile and get results using social media, online project management and collaboration tools, mail management, contact management, websites (especially WordPress) and web hosting, online networking platforms and conference calling, open source (libre) software and operating systems such as Linux Mint and Ubuntu, especially small ethical businesses, freelancers, activists and general do-gooders (or do-no-harmers).

I love helping others master the dark arts of technology, making it all seem simple, useful and enjoyable.

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That’s my main account where I also promotes the work of associates and other good folk doing good things, and sometimes bang on about politics and agitating for a world that works better for everyone.

I also co-host @CaterflyOST with business partner and long time associate Francois Knuchel, focusing more on collaborative transformation for smarter workplaces, introducing systems for working better together, and generally re-imaging the workplace as an enjoyable, purposeful, efficient and productive force for good.

I’m also one of several occasional contributors to @SociocracyUK – for collaborative teams and organisations working better together.

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