Martin Grimshaw, colleagues at his old business DecisionLab and associates co-founded SociocracyUK around 2010, following a discussion between a few of them during a workshop led by John Buck and hosted by DecisionLab. Its purpose was to grow the understanding and use of Sociocracy in the UK as a tool to help people work better and more collaboratively.

SociocracyUK - starlings in murmurationIt’s activity has waxed and waned over the years with the coming and going of committed members and our ability to sustain focus on projects without any budget. At its height it was thriving; in the last couple of years it has been quieter, but there is always hope to invest in growing it further when time and other work commitments allow and it is always kept ticking over by a small core of long-term committed members, including Martin. We are seeking partners and funders to help us grow and scale our work.

Click below¬†to discover more about¬†making better decisions together, organisational wellbeing, workplace democracy, smarter ways of working, organisations as living and learning organisims, the permaculture of organisations, collaborative governance, self-organising and self-managing teams,more effective teams and meetings, culture shift, a more human way to get work done… Sociocracy.


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