There’s Better Ways Of Working

Tools for a smarter planet

There’s Better Ways Of Working is the primary business and trading name of Thriving Planet CIC. Founded by Martin Grimshaw in 2013.

Offering primarily facilitation, organisational consultancy and training services with an emphasis on supporting businesses, groups and individuals trying to make the world a better place. Led by Martin with the support of associates where appropriate, we specialise in developing self-managing teams and healthier, smarter, happier, more collaborative workplaces that work better for everyone, and draw on our expertise in Sociocracy, Open Space Technology and tools for participation and collective intelligence in particular, and developing Facilitative Leadership skills for the 21st Century.

Please do go to our website to learn more about how we can help you. Why not sign up to our Art Of Work blog while you’re there?   (- an acronym for There’s Better Ways Of Working)

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